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Curriculum & Activities

All teachers are required to provide an age appropriate lesson plan based on the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards. Activities include but are not limited to music, art, language, small and large motor skills, and sensory. 

Infants will always go on their own schedule. They will be given their own space to move around and explore toys designed to stimulate learning. Infants learn what they see and hear, this is why they will be talked to, read to, played with, and sung to.

The goals of the preschool program are for the children to learn and recognize letters and numbers, use fine motor skills, including but not limited to cutting, tracing, writing, and gluing. Self help skills like buttoning, zipping, snapping, and serving themselves lunch will be taught. Other academic skills are counting, sequencing, opposites, matching, patterning, singing, reading, math, and science skills.

Our summer program includes a wide variety of weekly field trips designed for our older children. Field trips for younger children are planned periodically throughout the year. All field trips are an additional cost.

Parent- teacher communication is essential to a successful program!

Overview of the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards:

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